CONCEPT ART: Disneyland Dubai Was Planned to Include a Giant Castle, ‘Star Wars’ Tomorrowland, and Cars Land

Leaked concept art for a possible Disneyland Dubai project that never saw the light of day has been circulating online. The art is a few years old now, and Disney never announced a Dubai resort, but it’s interesting to look at what could have been.

dubai disney concept art

The art reveals a giant, sprawling castle partially inspired by the European-style Disney castles seen in the states, but with some rounded turrets more reminiscent of Agrabah. At the entrance is a large Mickey planter, standard to Disney Parks.

To the right is a “Star Wars”-inspired version of Tomorrowland. Instead of Astro Orbiter, the spinner ride encircles a small version of the Death Star. The rest of the land’s architecture is sleek and rounded like the buildings of Naboo or another “Star Wars” planet. Here you can also clearly see a raised train track cutting through the land instead of around it, leading back to the Main Street train station.

Across from Tomorrowland, the concept art is mostly taken over by a cluster of flat buildings. But in front of these buildings are colorful structures, including one clear yellow and blue ball: the iconic Pixar ball and Luxo Jr. lamp. This could be a Pixar land or attraction.

In the top left corner is Cars Land, which already exists at Disney California Adventure. Orange traffic cones are clearly visible in the rocky terrain of Radiator Springs.

In the top right, a river worms through a lush jungle. Boats are visible on the river, and this very well could have been Disneyland Dubai’s version of the Jungle Cruise.

dubai disney sketch

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9 thoughts on “CONCEPT ART: Disneyland Dubai Was Planned to Include a Giant Castle, ‘Star Wars’ Tomorrowland, and Cars Land”

  1. Well it is possible it’s still in development. My Mom tells me that it could take some years before a project it announced. Just look with Galaxy’s Edge or Galatic Starcruiser.

  2. They would never let me visit. Dubai is Anti LGBTQ it’s against the law to be gay there. I would never support any company who opens up a business there. Opening a business in a country like this tells me you don’t care for people like me. So you don’t need my money nor my time.

  3. That’s a rather disappointing design. This would have been a great opportunity to feature Jasmine’s castle and then blend the design with the European castle fantasy we are used to. It feels like a copycat of what has already been done. It’s a bunch of repeated designs as though no one put any real thought into it. Streets of Morocco, magic carpets, Arabian nights, mythology, Petra – the Arabic and Middle East cultures have so many incredible examples yet none seemed to be referenced. I understand Disney has a standard formula for theme park design but time to step up imagineering. Also, Star Wars land means nothing to the vast majority of the world. The concept of the future should be sold not another tired movie storyline

  4. The rounded bottom left star wars building is THE GALATIC SENATE and the building with the 4 towers in the corner is the JEDI TEMPLE both located in Courascant

  5. It’s always interesting to see how elements of never executed designs are recycled in other places. Could something like the Tomorrowland shown in this design make it into a remodeled Tomorrowland in California or somewhere else?

  6. That concept is beautifully done. But the photos of the concepts were made years and years ago . Would be nice too see it in reality

  7. Are you kidding? Visiting and getting arrested (or worse) for holding hands with a same-sex significant other? NO WAY!!

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