Beams x Minions Universal Studios Japan Exclusive Apparel Arrives at Universal Studios Hollywood

In addition to all the other new Minions merch at Universal Studios Hollywood, Beams released a new line of apparel featuring classical art defaced by Minions earlier this year. The line was initially released as a Universal Studios Japan exclusive, but the clothing has made its way overseas to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Beams X Minions promo image

Guests can show off their classy AND fun side by picking up a couple of these shirts from the Universal Studio Store at CityWalk.

“Mona Lisa” Beams x Minions Painting Sweatshirt – $68

minions beams ush 5

This sweater is solid black with only the Beams x Minions logo on the front and the “Mona Lisa” on the back.

minions beams ush 2

The famous painting of “Mona Lisa” has been defaced (presumably by a Minion), and her eyes have been replaced with the classic Minion goggles.

minions beams ush 3

The sleeves have “Beams” written on one side in orange and “Minions” written in yellow on the other.

minions beams ush 4

The “S” that connects the words is half orange and half yellow.

minions beams ush 1

This logo is repeated in a circular fashion on the breast.

“J. S. Bach” Minion Painting Shirt – $68

minions beams ush 6

The famous German musician has also had his eyes replaced with Minions goggles.

minions beams ush 7

This sweater is plain white with only “J. S. Bach” on the front in black and white.

minions beams ush 8

“Ludwig Van Beethoven” Minion Painting Shirt – $60

minions beams ush 10

This light gray t-shirt features Beethoven with his eyes replaced with a singular Minion eye.

minions beams ush 11

The shirt is loose and made from a sturdy fabric.

minions beams ush 12

The painting is in black and white rather than the colorful version we might recognize.

“The Girl With the Pearl Earring” Minion Painting Shirt – $60

minions beams ush 13

The most colorful of the shirts is a bright yellow with a painting of “The Girl With the Pearl Earring” but with Bob the Minion’s heterochromatic eyes.

minions beams ush 14

The back is solid yellow.

minions beams ush 15

Let us know what you think of the Beams x Minions collection in the comments below!

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