New Jacket, Capes, Belts, and More Costume Pieces Available at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities in Disneyland

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities at Disneyland has several “Star Wars” new costume pieces, including some inspired by Kylo Ren’s outfit.

swge apparel 2

There is a puffer jacket, black belt, and leather cape reminiscent of Kylo Ren.

Kylo Ren Puffer Jacket – $99.99

swge apparel 5

The torso of the jacket is like a puffer vest.

swge apparel 0

It includes a separate collar piece.

swge apparel 3
swge apparel 7

It zips up.

swge apparel 4

The interior lining is solid black.

swge apparel 8

The dark black sleeves have striped seams.

swge apparel 9

Kylo Ren Belt – $49.99

swge apparel 11

The wide black belt has a rectangular piece at the center.

swge apparel 14

The rectangle has lines creating a design of small squares.

swge apparel 13
swge apparel 15

It opens and adjusts at the back.

Kylo Ren Leather Cape – $149.99

swge apparel 18

The cape is solid black.

swge apparel 16

It does not have a zipper or clasp.

swge apparel 17
swge apparel 20

Brown and Blue Belt – $69.99

swge apparel 25

This brown belt is covered in strips of blue fabric, attached at the center to a silver ring.

swge apparel 22

The fabric is secured with gold pieces and a string of beads hangs from one side.

swge apparel 23

The beads are black, tan, and white.

swge apparel 21

The belt clasps at the back.

swge apparel 26

Blue Tunic – $79.99

swge apparel 31

This tunic is blue, grey, and black.

swge apparel 30

The neckline is black, while the center is grey and the sides are blue.

swge apparel 28

Grey pieces with dark embroidery hang down from the sides.

swge apparel 29

The back is black.

Grey Wool Cape – $129.99

swge apparel 34

This grey wool cape resembles the one worn by Ahsoka in “The Mandalorian.”

swge apparel 39

It has small touches of blue, purple, yellow, and green thread.

swge apparel 35
swge apparel 38

The interior has more lines of color, but is still mostly grey.

swge apparel 36

It has a large hood.

swge apparel 32

Will you be putting together an outfit with these costume pieces from Dok-Ondar’s? Let us know in the comments.

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