First Look at Enchanted Tiki Room Series of Mickey Mouse: the Main Attraction Merchandise Collection

Thanks to shopDisney Shanghai, we have our first look at the Enchanted Tiki Room series of Mickey Mouse: the Main Attraction. This will be series 5 of 12.

Mickey Plush

enchanted tiki room mmma 1.10.13 PM

This Mickey plush is wearing a green Hawaiian shirt, brown pants, and a straw hat. The shirt is decorated with Enchanted Tiki Room imagery, and one of the tiki birds sits among feathers on the side of the hat.

Mickey Pin

enchanted tiki room mmma 1.10.37 PM

The pin features Mickey in the same outfit, with the addition of a bird sitting on his foot.

Mickey Ear Headband

enchanted tiki room mmma 1.10.27 PM

The ear headband has the straw hat at the center. The backs of the ears are brown and one has the 50th anniversary logo embroidered in gold.

enchanted tiki room mmma 1.11.24 PM

The fronts of the ears are patterned like Mickey’s green shirt.

This series will also include a collectible key and Loungefly mini backpack, just like the other series. No release date has been announced for the Enchanted Tiki Room series, but the Mad Tea Party series will be available on shopDisney on May 20.

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4 thoughts on “First Look at Enchanted Tiki Room Series of Mickey Mouse: the Main Attraction Merchandise Collection”

  1. When will this be available? The article shifts to a completely different topic with The Mad Tea Party Collection’s release without specifying The Main Attraction’s release…

    • it doesn’t, it shifts to the only release date that is announced at this time. There is no info to share on a date for the Tiki Room collection yet.

  2. Those ears are awful. Whoever they hired to manufacture the ears this year, needs to have their contract terminated. They’re so poorly stitched, every single one. I thought the worst was the Space Mountain ears, but I think these take the cake. They’re crooked, the little hat is a mess. No thanks.

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