Construction Continues on TRON Lightcycle Run Walkways and Walt Disney World Railroad Tunnel at Magic Kingdom

The Walt Disney World Railroad at Magic Kingdom has been closed for over three years while construction continues on TRON Lightcycle / Run, a new coaster in Tomorrowland. The railroad will go under the coaster thanks to a new tunnel.

tron construction 0 1

Crews finished installing the white canopy covering the exterior of TRON Lightcycle / Run last month.

tron construction 1 1

A smaller canopy framework leads to the coaster’s entrance, but crews have yet to install an actual canopy there.

tron construction 6 1

We could see crew members in scissor lifts this morning working on the white framework.

tron construction 26

Above the actual entrance, black weather-proof sheathing remains exposed and crews were working on a circular shape.

tron construction 31

Guests will enter the coaster through the show building and board it inside.

tron construction 34

The coaster will then launch from beneath the walkway.

tron construction 13

Speaking of walkways, crew members have been constructing a long curved wall outlining a future sidewalk.

tron construction 14 1

This second walkway will go beneath the first and may connect Tomorrowland to Storybook Circus.

tron construction 4 1

The main walkway is getting another layer of paving.

tron construction 5 1

We can see slightly elevated sections that crews recently paved.

tron construction 27

Caution tape surrounds pavement that is drying.

tron construction 32
tron construction 7 1

Next to the main walkway is the Walt Disney World Railroad tunnel.

tron construction 2 1

A curved roof now covers most of the tunnel.

tron construction 12 1

A green construction vehicle sits at the entrance to the tunnel.

tron construction 35

Two tubes hang from the tunnel roof.

tron construction 30

We could see ladders and crew members inside the tunnel.

tron construction 17

Meanwhile, construction crews are working on the side of Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.

tron construction 18

Guests will walk past or through the store to reach TRON Lightcycle / Run.

tron construction 20

Crews removed decorative elements from the exterior of the store and hung tarps all over it.

tron construction 16 1
tron construction 15 1

The side doors are now uncovered but remain blocked inside.

tron construction 29
tron construction 19

A construction wall blocks the pathway from guests, but the store remains open.

tron construction b 1

In Storybook Circus, we can see the other end of the Walt Disney World Railroad tunnel.

tron construction b 5
tron construction b 3

Crew members were working above the tunnel on the walkway.

tron construction b 2

The walkway remains surrounded by a temporary wood railing.

tron construction b 4
railroad construction 21

Behind Space Mountain, crews have laid new track to reconnect the Walt Disney World Railroad route.

railroad construction 25

We previously saw construction vehicles back here, but they have now left.

railroad construction 22

Much of the Walt Disney World Railroad track was replaced last year and Engine 1, the Walter E. Disney, was refurbished.

railroad construction 23

The refurbished engine has been used to test the new track throughout Magic Kingdom.

There is no announced opening timeframe for either TRON Lightcycle / Run or the Walt Disney World Railroad at Magic Kingdom.

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