REVIEW: Rolling With My Peeps Donut Returns to Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew at Disney Springs

The adorable Rolling With My Peeps Donut has returned to Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew at Disney Springs. This donut may even be festive enough to replace your Easter basket!


Rolling With My Peeps Donut — $6.50

Glazed Donut with Vanilla Frosting and Topped With Pastel Candy Decorations, Green Buttercream “Easter Grass,” Malted Milk Ball “Easter Eggs,” and a Peep Bunny

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The Peeps donut is a classic yeast glazed donut with sprinkles, icing, and lots of candy on top.


The round rainbow sprinkles, buttercream “Easter grass” icing, and malted chocolate eggs surround a bright yellow Peeps bunny.


The decorations are perfect and make this a fun and colorful treat.


The additional frosting on top adds even more sweetness to what is already a sweet donut.


The donut was super fresh and very good. Even the Peep on top was fresh!


This treat is certainly a sugar bomb, and we think kids would love it.


This treat would pair well with the popular iced coffees found at Everglazed.


The donut was not filled with anything. We were glad to see this because the donut was already so sweet as it is, and a filling would have been too much.


This is a great Easter treat, and we’re glad to see it return. If you prefer your donuts with a little less candy, the 50th anniversary donut is still available as well.

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The Rolling With My Peeps Donut is available through April 17 while supplies last. Will you be hopping into Disney Springs to try this limited-time treat? Let us know down below!