REVIEW: New Honey Mead Leaves You Wanting More from Hog’s Head at Universal Studios Hollywood

We took a field trip down to Hogsmeade to try the new Honey Mead drink, now being poured at Hog’s Head in Universal Studios Hollywood. Keep on reading for our review of this magical new drink.

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Honey Mead – $14

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Mead is an alcoholic drink of fermented honey diluted in water. As such, it can be very sweet.

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But the wizards who brewed this batch of Bungbarrel Spiced Mead for Hog’s Head Pub opted to go for a more tart character for their draught, likely to be more broadly appealing.

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This drink, in the overall scope of mead, is somewhat unremarkable in that many of the traditional flavors a brewer would want to showcase in their draught – a sweet honey flavor, a floral flavor from the flowers that were used to make the honey, an herb flavor from the addition of aromatics – are absent.

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The honey notes are very subtle — not unnoticeable but also not very forward. The main flavor profile that comes forward is the tartness, being almost more like a sour beer or farmhouse saison than a mead wine.

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For a fan of mead, this will leave you wanting more. But for the average drinker who has never encountered the drink before, this might be a nice in-road to discovering a whole new world of mead.

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