REVIEW: Lotso Garden Buffet Breakfast at Toy Story Hotel Leaves Us Full But Not Satisfied at Tokyo Disney Resort

When you wake up after a refreshing stay in your version of Andy’s room at the Toy Story Hotel, you have the choice to visit Lotso’s garden once again for breakfast before a busy day at Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea. So naturally, we headed down to the second floor for another meal at the Lotso Garden Cafe.


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The Lotso Garden Cafe is located just off the lobby to the right, cleverly themed as a storybook. We presume the portrayal of Lotso is more in line with how his fictional designers would imagine him than as the scheming villain of “Toy Story 3”.

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 50

Right at the entrance, guests are greeted with a Lotso statue and photo op, which nearby Cast Members will gladly assist diners with.

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ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 51

Throughout the restaurant are faux trees in a flat art style cleverly hidden within support columns.

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 46
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 45
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 47
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 48

Murals throughout the restaurant depict Lotso in his garden with the animals, harvesting fruits for all to enjoy.

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 49
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 52

A giant lit rainbow also bisects most of the restaurant.

Toy Story Hotel Tokyo Lotso Dinner Buffet 80
Toy Story Hotel Tokyo Lotso Dinner Buffet 81

The table design is pretty basic, with plain white tables flanked by green or orange chairs. Booths feature green upholstery.

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 53
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 54

It’s fairly spacious inside, certainly enough to hold more than 100 guests at a time.

PSA4E4Sr Toy Story Hotel Tokyo Lotso Dinner Buffet 68

The buffet features two identical areas, with both offering the same food. It’s useful to bounce back and forth if you’re looking for the cuter items to be replenished.

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Toy Story Hotel Tokyo Lotso Dinner Buffet 76

As Japan is still taking precautions against COVID-19, guests are required to sanitize their hands and wear gloves at all times when using the buffet.

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 40

There’s certainly plenty to try for breakfast, and you sure won’t be hungry by the time you leave. So let’s try everything on the menu.

Breakfast Buffet

Steamed Vegetables

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 1

While still better than the grilled vegetables we had at dinner, the assortment of carrots, cauliflower, and worst of all, broccoli, was just horribly unappealing. The carrots were fine; the rest were not in the least.


ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 2
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 42

These delightful pancakes are made in the kitchen and heated on a griddle in front of guests. The strawberry imprint is also done in front of guests on the buffet, which makes for a fun display if you catch the chef doing it.

These err more towards traditional American pancakes than the Japanese souffle-style we would’ve expected, but they are still a bit dry. Nonetheless, we absolutely enjoyed this and recommend asking the chef for a few.

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 3

Your choice of maple syrup, mixed berry sauce, and chocolate sauce is also available to top your pancake.

Pizza-Style Sausage Tortillas

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 4

Sadly we found these to be rather lackluster, and rather confusing at that. Where the “pizza-style” came from is beyond us, since they bear zero resemblance to pizza except for the cheese on top, which was closer to Velveeta than real cheese. The sausage is dry, the cheese is stale, and they were always cold, even after trying a seemingly fresh batch. Pass.

Assorted Sausages

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 15
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 6

Fairly standard sausage links and potatoes, with a pleasant and juicy flavor. One of the western options that hit more close to home for sure. Ketchup and mustard are also on offer.

Bacon & Vegetables

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 7

Right next to those is, unfortunately, the bacon and vegetables. If you’ve never had bacon in Japan, it’s nothing like bacon in the US. They serve it more like a cross between the US version and Canadian bacon, with a larger and thicker slab of pork that’s chewy rather than crunchy. It’s unpleasant normally, but combined with Tokyo Disney Resort’s signature flavorless grilled vegetables makes it even more of an unfortunate addition.


ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 8

Thank god minestrone is hard to mess up, because the version sold at our parks is always a welcome addition. A slightly watery take on the tomato soup with onions and beans makes this a fine if slightly unconventional addition to the breakfast menu.

Simmered Pork

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 9

And now we come to the Japanese section of the buffet. Fortunately, this pork was actually quite excellent! Served warm in a delicious soy sauce mixture, the meat had a juicy, chewy profile that made it a pleasant addition to our plate.

Thick Fried Tofu and Mizuna Salad

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 10

This is where we started to lose interest in the more Japanese offerings. Tofu, by its very nature, is rather tasteless, so there wasn’t a whole lot here to enjoy in either direction than just mush. Combine that with plain greens, and we just felt like this was rather pointless on the face of it.

Baby Sardines with Grated Daikon

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 11

Sardines? No. Daikon radish? Doubly no. Hard pass from us, but it could be natto, so that’s a net positive.

Salt-Grilled Horse Mackerel

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 12

Like the salmon from dinner, this was served cold, which made the fish dry, particularly a problem since it was salt-grilled. If this had been more fresh, we would’ve enjoyed it immensely.


ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 13

Nozawana is a pickled and leafy vegetable, which probably puts into mind exactly how it tastes. It’s milder than something like kale or chard but still not great if you’re expecting something more along the lines of spinach or asparagus.

Stir-Fried Burdock and Carrots

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 14

Plain roots mixed in with bland carrots, it’s truly nothing special and certainly not worth moving everything over for.

Egg Salad

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 16
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 18

It’s hard to go wrong with egg salad, and making it themed to a Pixar ball is a doubly nice touch! It’s a pleasant egg salad, with a nice whipped texture to it that doesn’t overwhelm.

Soy Milk and Pumpkin Soup

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 17

The smooth, savory taste of pumpkin is watered down ever so slightly, but not unrecognizably, by the soy milk. We took two of these and downed them like shots; it was quite nice!

Potato Salad

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 19
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 21

Bo Peep potato salad: both cute and delicious! The ribbon pasta on top is a nice touch and purely decorative, but the potato salad had a nice balance of mush and chunks along with a couple of vegetables to give some extra flavor.

Smoked Salmon and Vegetable Salad

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 36

When you pick out the broccoli, this was quite pleasant! The vegetables we got were cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, and onion, which all went well with the juicy and tender salmon meat.

Strawberry Carrot Salad

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 23

Still just as confusing as at dinner. Where the “strawberry” was supposed to be, we weren’t entirely sure. These tasted like shredded carrots soaked in vinegar, not at all a pleasant flavor that just ruins these entirely.


ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 24

A nice nod to a fellow Pixar film, this one takes more the appearance of a chunky salsa rather than anything you might recognize from the film or a quick Google search. Any other flavors that might’ve been present were almost entirely lost behind the very strong tomato base, which is not necessarily how it’s supposed to be.

Fruit Salad

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 25

Imagine a giant punch bowl filled with canned Dole fruit salad. That’s what this is.

Blue Yogurt

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 27

Plain yogurt, but blue. It’s not special, really. But it does remind us of the blue sky background in the hotel room.

Panna Cotta with Blueberry Sauce

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 28

This subtly sweet panna cotta was surprisingly faithful to our idea of the Italian dessert, with a lightly sweet cream cheese flavor combined with just the right amount of blueberry. Grab a couple of these; it’s well worth it.


ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 29

Once again, just plain yogurt. If you like that sort of thing, this is perfect for you.

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 26

You can add these fruit sauces to your yogurt to give it a bit more flavor. And yes, we know the signs were backward.


ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 30
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 31

Just like at dinner, an assortment of greens was available to add to your plate, along with three types of dressing.

Bread Au Gratin with Mixed Berry Sauce

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 37
ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 38

This was essentially bread pudding, and a pretty good execution of it at that! It cut quite easily, and had a pleasantly sweet taste that made us wish they sold this in other locations around Tokyo Disney Resort. Grab half of this if you can; it was among our favorites at the buffet.

Eggs and Potatoes

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 39

Hard to go wrong here, although for a $22 buffet, we would expect a bit better than powdered eggs alongside rather plain potatoes. One thing’s for sure — seasoning was definitely missed here, and something they should’ve incorporated.

Berry Jelly and Mango Pudding

ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 32

These were delightful, with delicious blackberry, strawberry, and cranberry in the berry jelly, and a milky mango taste for the pudding, which creates a pleasant experience.


ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 33

The melon, pineapple, and orange slices were all fine enough, although the former two most likely had been frozen before.


ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 34

It’s hard to say anything special (positive or negative) about standard breakfast cereal. There were chocolate Cheerios, Corn Flakes, and granola.


ToyStoryHotel LotsoGardenBreakfast 35
Toy Story Hotel Tokyo Lotso Dinner Buffet 55

Guests also have a choice of coffees and teas available with their meal. Three Coke Freestyle stations were also ready, two at each buffet and one at the back of the restaurant.

All in all, Lotso Garden Cafe’s breakfast buffet is still better than dinner, but that’s not a difficult bar to clear. We found more that we loved here, but it still left something to be desired. Buffets are a field we would love to see them improve upon at Tokyo Disney Resort, but it seems the reforms and updates we’ve started to see across some menus around the resort just haven’t made it yet.

Even if the resort was open to those without reservations, we wouldn’t recommend a dedicated trip. But if you’re already at the resort, you might as well give it a go.

Lotso Garden Cafe is open 6:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. for breakfast every day, and reservations for both the restaurant and a stay at the Toy Story Hotel are required to dine.

What would you want to try from the Lotso Garden Cafe? Let us know in the comments below!

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