More Canopy Added, Work Continues on Entrance to TRON Lightcycle Run at Magic Kingdom

More canopy pieces have been added to the exterior portion of TRON Lightcycle / Run at Magic Kingdom and work continues on the entrance to the attraction.

tron construction 5 1

Crew members in three scissor lifts were working on the canopy framework leading to the entrance.

tron construction 0 1

The green sheathing at the main entrance has been covered with black sheathing.

tron construction 1 1

Some green and grey sheathing is still visible on the show building to the left.

tron construction 11 1

Below the coaster and canopy is the tunnel for the Walt Disney World Railroad.

tron construction 9 1

There are two walls on this side but not yet a rounded ceiling.

tron construction 8 1

One wall ends with rebar sticking out of it, suggesting it will be expanded further.

tron construction 16

There are square openings inside the tunnel.

tron construction 6 1

A crew member was laying a yellow sheet down at the front of the tunnel when we rode by on the PeopleMover today.

tron construction 19

The second wall ends with a finished slant, so this may be where the actual tunnel will end.

tron construction 13

Other concrete walls have been constructed on the ground near the walkway connecting the coaster to Tomorrowland.

tron construction 7 1

These walls are ostensibly for a second walkway to go beneath the first.

tron construction 14

Crew members were working behind a wooden wall.

tron construction 22

Above the coaster, white canopy strips now cover almost the entire framework.

tron construction 20

New strips have been added this week, leading up to the framework’s high point near the show building.

tron construction 21 1

the temporary blue netting remains until the final canopy pieces are installed.

tron construction 23

We could see a crew member working on the canopy.

tron construction

TRON Lightcycle / Run was originally scheduled to open for the 50th anniversary of Magic Kingdom but was significantly delayed, at least partially due to COVID-19. It may not open until next year.

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