D23 Gold Member Previews for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Sold Out in Less Than 10 Minutes

Less than 10 minutes after the sale opened, the D23 Gold Member preview event for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is sold out.

The preview event is scheduled for May 15 with admission to EPCOT after 4 p.m. and private ride time after the park closes.

Were you able to snag a ticket? Let us know in the comments

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13 thoughts on “D23 Gold Member Previews for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Sold Out in Less Than 10 Minutes”

  1. D23 is a waste of money. They tell you that you can get tickets to all these exclusive events but you can never actually get tickets.

  2. I went online ten minutes early, waited on the queue which went super fast and then soon as I got on…BAM! Sold out

  3. I don’t know anyone who successfully got tickets
    D23 Needs a better system Very frustrating. But for Die Hard Disney fans that seems to be the new Disney under this CEO Frustration to those of us who have stayed loyal to Disney. Annual passholder since first annual passes issued in Florida, vacation club since the begining,D23 since the beginning. Disney is losing site of those of us who have stayed loyal to adopt extreme left politics instead of staying true to Walt’s Disney Maybe it is time to move on

  4. I got my ticket and this is my first event as a D23 member so I am super stoked and can’t wait to see the new ride!

  5. I’m in! Was able to get 2 tickets and am so excited! Now our fingers are crossed that we make it into Moonlight Magic at DHS in May! I knew tickets would go quickly but I didn’t think they’d go THAT quickly! Given how quickly the times were dropping once the queue opened, I think people were using multiple devices and exiting the queues with longer wait times.

  6. Yes! I was in the queue waiting for hours. It was pretty smooth, though when the message came up that tickets were all in carts, I was so bummed. When I got onto the page, they said sold out, but I’ve been to enough concerts and cons to know you refresh a few times before leaving! Someone must not have checked out in time, because I was able to snag my pair at around 1:15pm!

  7. I am so curious how many tickets there even were. It’s such a bummer that these events are so difficult to participate in. I have to wonder if there is a trick to how people go about getting into and then being able to purchase.
    Just a regular one computer at a time person over here does not have the luck I guess. So bummed for our daughter. She would have been ecstatic- senior in high school – perfect graduation gift.

  8. Curious, if someone were to refund their annual pass entry for cosmic rewind for some reason, and somehow annual pass opportunities for this ride were available again, how would we know?

  9. By some miracle I was able to get two tickets. We are actually going to be at Universal Studios the first week of May. Looks like another 9 hour drive less than a week later. Well worth it.

  10. I was at work and was able to snag two tickets from my phone while I was actively working (no I do not have a desk job, I have your standard retail job….but lucky for me, I had to do a report around that time and killed two birds with one stone while doing inventory). I got in and out within 4 mins. Super pumped to try this ride!

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