PREMIERING TONIGHT – The All-New ParksCenter! Paid FastPass, ‘Ohana Review, Food & Wine Preview, New Jungle Cruise, & More

The all-new ParksCenter premieres Tonight, Sunday July 11th at 8pm ET!

This revamped program will be 90 minutes of theme park news and discussion about the latest topics from the Disney and Universal Theme Parks around the world. Each week, we will feature different special guests who have had first-hand experience and are experts on the news that matters most to you.

The show will be broken down into 3 main segments:

Around the Hub: A look at Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide
Universal Update: The latest from Universal Orlando, LA and beyond
Pressing Issues: A panel discussion breaking down important issues of the day

Tonight we discuss the return of ‘Ohana, the return of fireworks to theme parks around the world, and we ask our panel of experts, when will FastPass return and what will it look like when it does?

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ParksCenter is broadcast live on YouTube every Sunday night at 8pm ET!