PHOTOS, VIDEO: Disney Unveils First of “Fab 50” Character Statues to Be Scattered Across Walt Disney World for 50th Anniversary

With just a few weeks to go before “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” honoring the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort begins, Disney shared that 50 fabulous characters will be cast in gold and displayed across the theme parks. Now, they have more details on the “Disney Fab 50” series, including a special reveal of the first sculpture – Mickey Mouse!  

During the magical celebration, which begins on Oct. 1, you’ll be able to find these golden character sculptures throughout all four of the Resort’s parks. Leading up to their appearances, friends from around the Disney company will be announcing which characters you can expect to see – starting today with Bret Iwan, the voice of Mickey Mouse.

The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse sculptures are also being dedicated to Disney cast members of the past, present and future.   

'Disney Fab 50' Character Sculptures at Walt Disney World Resort

Mickey is the first, and other character sculptures will be announced in the upcoming weeks by Disney stars and cast members from Walt Disney World, Disney+, Pixar, Walt Disney Animation Studios, D23, Disney Channel, NatGeoTV, Disney Vacation Club and more.   

You can also virtually “collect” each golden Disney character sculpture on Instagram. To add a sculpture to Instagram Collections, just tap and hold the bookmark icon. Then, on the “Save to” screen, tap the collection where you want to save the image or create a new collection.


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  1. SO EXCITED!!! 🏰

    Can hardly wait to see what WDW has planned for its 50th! Love that the original “Fab 5” gets upgraded to the “Fab 50″… most Magical!!! 💙💗💜

    • but wait a second, if there will be characters statues all over Walt Disney World during its 50th anniversary, isn’t it possible that might be statues of other characters and villains like Cinderella, Simba, Aurora, Maleficent, Scar, Captain Hook and others?

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