PHOTOS: New Contactless Trash Cans Debut in World Showcase at EPCOT

Following its brief closure in the spring of last year, Walt Disney World reopened in July with several COVID-19 health and safety precautions. These included propping open the lids of trash cans so guests wouldn’t have to touch them. As the COVID-19 precautions were rolled back, trash can lids were no longer propped open. Now, new trash cans without these flap lids have popped up in World Showcase at EPCOT.


The open spaces on these trash cans are slightly smaller, so the trash is less likely to fall out.


Without lids, guests still don’t have to touch anything to throw away their trash.


We saw two of these trash cans, but more will probably be rolled out soon.


Hopefully, these will keep hands cleaner and maybe save some cleaning time for custodial cast members since the trash can lids could get quite dirty.


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3 thoughts on “PHOTOS: New Contactless Trash Cans Debut in World Showcase at EPCOT”

  1. It will lead to a mess when all those afternoon rainstorms hit and blow a lot of rain water in the trash bag. If the trash is full, then the wind will blow trash out. Try pulling out that trash bag full of trash and rain water.

    They proved that touching things was almost impossible to pass COVID. Lets not try to reinvent the wheel. The trash lids served a very good purpose. Not to mention the smell that will now be free to flow out easier.

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