PHOTOS: Joffrey’s Replaces Paper Straws With Sugarcane Straws at Walt Disney World

Joffrey’s, a coffee and pastry staple of Walt Disney World, has replaced their paper straws with biodegradable sugarcane straws.


The straws are made from sugarcane fiber and have more flexibility and durability than paper.


We were given one of these new straws at Joffrey’s in EPCOT’s World Showcase, so they may not be available at every location yet.


We found the sugar straws to be flavorless and odorless. It’s very smooth and doesn’t break down in the drink like the paper ones tend to do.


How do you feel about the move away from paper straws? Let us know in the comments.

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27 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Joffrey’s Replaces Paper Straws With Sugarcane Straws at Walt Disney World”

  1. Do the sugar straws have a flavor? I don’t want a chocolate shake to taste like lime. What are the options for diabetics? My mom can’t use sugar straws.

  2. These are SugarCANE straws, not sugar straws. They’re basically plastic made from the inedible parts left behind when processing sugar. I hope this becomes the norm. Paper straws are better than plastic (but the worst option when looking for something to drink with)

  3. The paper straws STINK!
    Get mushy WAY to fast, I keep hoping for the corn based ones, but will gladly try these.

  4. There are millions of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics who visit Disney every year. Will there be an alternative straw for these people?

  5. So now, instead of a straw that will melt in your drink, you get a straw that will not only melt in your drink, but possibly change the flavor slightly as well?

  6. To be honest I think ANYTHING is better than a paper straw!! I hate the texture and feeling of paper straws!

  7. Let me be the first to confirm the durability and longevity of these straws. They do not get soggy, my teething toddler isn’t able to bite through them and they don’t have any flavor to them. They’re as close to the plastic straws of old as you can get without actually being plastic… FINALLY!

  8. My disdain for paper straws leads me to want to try anything else. I’m sure it’s a step up and I can’t imagine the paper straws are really any better than the plastics they replaced anyhow.

  9. We used them one time last week when in the park. I can’t remember where,but it wasn’t Joffrey’s. I liked them better than the paper!

  10. paper straws are nothing beyond virtue signaling. especially when combined with giant plastic cups at Starbucks. They massively degrade the beverage experience, and with icees, will get soggy and fold before the beverage is finished.

    I did get to try the sugarcane straws at joffey’s last weekend, and was impressed. they are pretty indistinguishable functionally from a plastic straw.

  11. Anything is better than those ridiculous paper straws that don’t last through the first half of a frozen coffee.

  12. Love these sugarcane straws! They’re so much better than paper and they just gorgeous to stare at!

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