Disney Confirms Lake Nona Campus, Relocating 2,000 Jobs

The Walt Disney Company has confirmed they will be relocating approximately 2,000 jobs from California to a Lake Nona campus not far from Orlando. The move — which was first reported in January — is to take place over the next 18 months.

The Lake Nona campus will house Walt Disney Imagineers and more professionals in the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products division who are not fully dedicated to Disneyland. The 2,000 positions represent less than 5% of Disney’s total jobs in California. The size and specific site of the campus have not been confirmed.

“This new project will create a dynamic environment to support our expanding business — a brand-new regional campus which will be built in the vibrant Lake Nona community of Orlando,” Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, said. “This new regional campus gives us the opportunity to consolidate our teams and be more collaborative and impactful both from a creative and operational standpoint.”

Nick Beucher, president of Tavistock Development Co., the owner, and developer of Lake Nona, said, “With Disney’s move and large investment in our community, we are delighted to welcome one of the world’s most recognized brands to Lake Nona. By choosing to build a new regional campus in Lake Nona, Disney will become part of this smart city where cutting-edge ideas turn into realities.”

Source: Orlando Business Journal

3 thoughts on “Disney Confirms Lake Nona Campus, Relocating 2,000 Jobs”

  1. “collaborative” and “impactful” Typical corporate jargon which really means “California is too expensive for us to operate in, not to mention the shift of our Employees who moved out to state due to lockdown/measures.”

  2. This is great news for Central Florida! This State along with a few other like Texas and Idaho continue to show the rest of the country how to provide a great business climate and prosper.

    • Not really that great. Disney laid off a bunch of people here in Fl whom I assume were deemed as “redundant” to their continued expansion plans. The pandemic was the perfect opportunity to do that and save money by relocating staff (if they are reimbursing moving expenses). In the meantime, wear your mask before we start losing children, too.

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