Kingdom Hearts Phone Cases and MagicBands Now Available at Walt Disney World

May your phone be your “key”…. to new Kingdom Hearts merch at Walt Disney World! Some new Kingdom Hearts phone cases and MagicBands have been unlocked at both Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs.

“Kingdom Hearts” Phone Case with Sora, Riku, Mickey, Donald and Goofy- $34.99


For those of you who want the whole gang together, this phone case features Sora, Riku and some of the most beloved Disney characters.


You can even add your name if you truly want to make it yours.

“Kingdom Hearts” Icons Black and White Phone Case- $34.99


You can also go for a simpler look with this black and white case featuring Kingdom Hearts Icons.


“Kingdom Hearts” Riku Phone Case- $34.99


“Kingdom Hearts” Sora Phone Case- $34.99


“Kingdom Hearts” Sora and Riku Phone Case- $34.99


If you’re having trouble choosing between Riku and Sora, this case has them both!


If you prefer to style your MagicBand after your favorite Kingdom Hearts character, look no further! These customizable items are also available at Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs.


“Kingdom Hearts” Sora MagicBand- $30.00


You can customize your band by choosing a variety of colors.


“Kingdom Hearts” Riku MagicBand- $30.00

Kingdom Hearts MagicBand

As with the Sora MagicBand, you can choose your color palette for Sora as well.

“Kingdom Hearts” Mickey, Donald and Goofy MagicBand- $30.00

Kingdom Hearts MagicBand

If you want an extra emphasis on Disney characters along with your Kingdom Hearts band, you can snag this look.

Are you excited to customize your own Kingdom Hearts merchandise at Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Are the cases only for iphones? I have an android but man, I would love to have one of those cases.

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