BREAKING: Orange County Mayor Recommends Individuals Return to Wearing Masks Indoors

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings is now recommending that all individuals in the area, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask while indoors once again.

Orange County has recently seen a spike in confirmed COVID cases and emergency room visits, and is now back in the “high risk” category.

At this time, both Walt Disney World and Universal Orland Resort have not announced any changes to their safety procedures.

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15 thoughts on “BREAKING: Orange County Mayor Recommends Individuals Return to Wearing Masks Indoors”

  1. Never going to happen. CDC told me get the vaccine and you can ditch the mask. Good luck getting people to do that again. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice

  2. Glad this hack if a mayor thinks he knows more than the CDC.
    Listen to ant of his pressers… he mumbles through and rarely makes sense.

  3. Here we go again. We all knew it was only a matter of time before power hungry politicians have to start usurping people’s rights once again for furtherance of their own dogma. Give people the facts and the freedom to make their own informed decisions to go out in public, mask or not, etc. based on their own circumstances and risk tolerance. Let us just hope that today’s recommendation does not become tomorrow’s illegal draconian edict.

  4. let me help you out here jerry. we are tired of you and your demands. you were not elected to dictate to the rest of us like some third world dictater. so as for your recomendation? we the people will decide for ourselves. better get used to it because you are NEVER GOING TO EVER SHUT US DOWN AGAIN! you played that card and now you have lost.

  5. Great, just booked flights for December and Mayor McMask wants to force people to go back to suffering in them even after getting vaccinated. That will really encourage people to get the shot, get it so you can still be stuck in a mask. Not paying that much to have to wear one all day.

  6. But it’s only July. Wait till cold weather comes and see how the numbers go up. Hope it won’t, but one must be prepared for masks and social distancing to come back.

    • Agreed. I am vaccinated and enjoyed not wearing masks now, but when my vaccination no longer protects against new Covid variant, that’s when I mask up again. I do not want to risk contracting long haul syndrome for which there is no cure.

  7. THIS IS INSANITY!!! Demings need to shut up and start serving the people he was elected to serve, not rule over them and act as the mask police. Watch Disney cave, and if this is case, people need to revolt. Enough is enough!!! How can we expect to return to normal when we keep holding on to ridiculous science-less tactics like masks for all, including the vaccinated???

  8. When I finally make it back to WDW, if the infection rates are still a mess, even vaccinated, yes I’ll be wearing a mask indoors regardless of what anyone recommends. There are too many unvaccinated idiots not wearing masks to trust being crammed into spaces with them. Outside? Not going to worry about it as long as no one is breathing down my neck.

    • Lol !! What do you say to people that don’t do the research for themselves and just believe what is told to them. Also fear…it’s a thing someone can use to control, and manipulate you. Gather everything that is being said then weed out opinions, and just hold onto science and proven facts that you yourself have validated with multiple resources. Then after all that choose for yourself what you will do and what will help you sleep at night. Freedom !!!!

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