PHOTO REPORT: Disney Springs 5/24/20 (Memorial Day Weekend Crowd Levels, Aerophile Grounded, Awaiting Additional Reopenings, and More)

Greetings from Disney Springs! It’s a warm and gloomy spring day, but that didn’t seem to keep people away on the 5th day of phased reopening. Let’s take a look at what’s going on at the one element of Walt Disney World which is welcoming guests.

The first item of note is that it’s Memorial Day weekend. Flags have been at half-staff for the weekend related to Coronavirus, however.

On a lighter note, one thing that is no longer flying in the wind is this Mulan banner, which has been secured since it partially broke loose after storms last week.

Wind did continue to cause problems elsewhere, though, as the breezy conditions kept the Aerophile hot air balloon grounded during the entirety of our visit.

With regard to the weather, thankfully the rain stayed at bay for most of the day, though you could get a good misting from this fountain near the entrance to Disney Springs from the Orange Garage.

The Orange Garage is acting as the “full-time” garage for Disney Springs currently – it is the first to open each day, and then the Lime Garage is opened later. A steady flow of guests could be seen coming in and out of the district via the garage at any given moment.

One of the first structures guests will see when emerging from the garage is the Coca-Cola store, which has not yet reopened. We’ll highlight a few other locations in Disney Springs which have neither opened, nor are they Disney-owned. Many Disney-owned outlets will reopen on May 27th.

Similarly, in the nearby West Side, Jaleo by José Andrés has not announced a reopening date for the relatively new restaurant.

Just across the walkway from Jaleo, decals adorn the windows of the future home to the M&M’s store. While these graphics don’t give passers-by much of an idea of what the store will look like, we’ve got a great post which includes concept art – click here to view that article.

A few steps away, the construction to the outdoor patio of City Works Eatery & Pour House continues. Hopefully, this work will not delay the reopening of the newest Disney Springs restaurant.

Like nearly every other restaurant and retail spot in the Disney Springs West Side, House of Blues also remains shuttered for the time being. Some cryptic tweets sent out by the company indicate a reopening may be imminent, however.

At the far end of the West Side, Cirque du Soleil continues to be silent. It’s still unknown with the new Drawn to Life show will make its debut.

Heading back towards the Town Center, Chicken Guy started out quiet (because it had yet to open for the day), but quickly attracted guests who craved their popular chicken fingers. The restaurant is currently undergoing an expansion which we posted about in December.

Similarly to Chicken Guy, The Polite Pig attracted its fair share of guests. Currently, it seems that the staple eateries of Disney Springs are creating the most excitement for returning guests.

T-Rex Cafe, and its family-friendly atmosphere, has also been a popular spot during this first phase of reopening which offers limited options.

Like the restaurants, retail shops are also open sporadically. lovepop, like many of its larger siblings, has yet to reopen after the prolonged closure of Walt Disney World.

At the opposite end of the retail size-spectrum, World of Disney also remains closed. Thankfully, we do know May 27th will see this massive store open its doors once again.

Despite the closure, Tinkerbell has kept her magical perch atop the World of Disney structure.

While we don’t yet know how a modified reopening will affect meet and greets inside the theme park, these more stoic princesses are available for pictures.

In the Marketplace portion of the Springs, a steady stream of guests traveled past World of Disney. As we reported on Disney’s updated health and safety measure, physical distancing is one of those requirements – and that has not been much of an issue so far.

While Ghirardelli has not reopened its location in the Marketplace, the lovely exterior is still available for a pop of color.

Other colorful characters can be seen around the LEGO Store – another outlet which has not yet announced a full reopening.

The LEGO Store also has some menacing figures in addition to the more playful ones.

Over at The Landing, crowds were again fairly well distributed. There is certainly foot traffic, but it’s a far cry from even the quietest pre-closure days.

We’re anxiously awaiting the reopening of Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. It seems like only yesterday that it was decorated for the holidays – becoming the aptly named Jock Lindsey’s Holiday Bar.

Finally, on our way out of The Landing, and Disney Springs as a whole, we continued to see a light level of traffic. As seen here, guests were good about following the directional markers on the ground.

We hope you enjoyed our tour of Disney Springs today! We’ll be keeping a close eye on all of the restaurants and retail stores that have yet to open – click here and follow us on Twitter so you can be the first to know when these locations reopen.